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Weekly Reflection – Homework


Week 1
This week was absolutely crazy we had Environment Week we were doing all kinds of fun and interactive activities like in literacy we were creating a online newspaper and each 5/6 students had to make something to be added to the newspaper. Also that week we had a trash ‘n’ fashion fashion show and what you had to do was get in a group of 3 and you had to create an outfits that was made out of only recycled materials. My group made a skirt made out of sticky tape and a shock placket and a top made out of newspaper.

Week 2
This week was hectic in literacy we had to write a story graph a narrative (draft) and good copy and a reciprocal reading sheet for an assessment task and I personal think that everyone was absolutely stressing out! But I was really excited for the end of the week because on the Thursday night I was going up to Melbourne because I was invited to an elite gymnastics clinic and I was extremely excited for that and the only reason I went up the night before because it started at 7:30am other wise I would have had to get up at 5:00am.

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Environment – Word Search


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Environment Survey


Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

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Reading Reflection – Homework


This term at school I’m reading “Girl Underground” written by Morris Gleitzman, this is a good book for me because it is not to hard and not to easy, there are some words that are difficult but I can understand it very easily. To be honest I’m not a big reader I do it for homework and at school but a part from that I really don’t like to read at home or anything like that, I read a book series earlier in the year called “Gym Star” it’s about gymmnastics and because my passion is gymnastics I read that really quickly and I really loved it but if it’s a book I don’t really like it takes forever for me to read it! I would have to say “Girl Underground” is a much more mature book then what I read so it took me a while to get into the book but once it got stated I couldn’t put the book down.

It’s about a girl named Bridget and her family are ciminals her brother Gavin is in jail for shoplifting and her parents own a shop that import things from over sea’s and then they sell it, and Bridget goes to an expensive boarding school so she doesn’t end up to be a crook and she doesn’t like it to say the least because she doesn’t make friends easily because she doesn’t wantg people to find out about her family but, then she meets a boy named Menzie’s and he has a bodyguard named Dave because his dad is a Priminister, Bridget and Menzies become really good friends and Bridget finds out that Menzies has a pen pawls named Jamal and Bibi they are refugees from Afganistand and they are living in a detention center. Menzies goes to Bridgets house for a sleep over and he finds out that Bridgets parents are ciminals. Menzies gets some really bad letters from Jamal and Bibi saying how horrible it is at the detention center so Bridget and Menzies have a plan to go to Canberra where his dad works in Parlimont house and ask him to release the refugees who live in the detention centers.

Wells thats where I’m up to in the book it’s about three quarters through the book and I’m eger to read more.

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Gymnastics Ballad


Chalk in my hair,
But I just don’t care.
I’m focusing on my training,
While it’s raining.

I think about the next skill,
And block out all the pills.
Little kid stop and stare,
But I can bare.

I prepare for my dismount triple twist,
I stand on the beam, and line up my hips.
I hear my coach give corrections,
As I flip in a straight direction.

I see the ground as I prepare to land,
My feet hit the ground as i raise my hands.
My coach tells me to go to bars whlie my mum smiles at me like I’m a star.

I put on my grips,
And tape up my rips.
I start to warm up,
As Brooke yells sup!

I do my routine and here comes the release move,
As I finish my routine I start to groove.
I’ve finished training with a smile.
As my coach dismisses me for a while.

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Online Web Store – Maths


http://www.freewebstore.org/storepage2232585.aspx THIS IS NOT A REAL STORE DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCTS.

In maths we have been learning about fractions and percentages. And Ruby and I created an online storeon onesie which we had to make 15% profit and it had to have discounted goods to draw the buyers in, we had 10 sessions to complete the online store, but we finished it in 5 sessions. At the end of the 10 sessions we have to present our online store to our classmates. What we found difficult was making the website and uploading the products because there weren’t any instructions so we had to figure it out on our own.

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Weekly Reflection – Homework Task


This is a weekly reflection on what I thought I did well and what I could have done better.

Monday- Monday was just a typical school day, in Literacy we had to get into a group of 4 and create and advertisement about a product and do a live performance at the end of the week, I was in a group with Lexi, Ruby, Kate and I and we were advertising rexona deodorant. In the afternoon all of the year 6’s went to the church to have a practice for confirmation which is on Sunday but we all had to catch a bus because it was raining and freezing.

Tuesday- On Tuesday we practiced our advertisement and we all brought in a prop, and I had to wear a big brown afro and I look so funny. We had maths and we are learning how to add and subtract 3 fraction sums and at first I was so confused but now it is so easy I think that I could do it in my sleep.

Wednesday- Today all of the year 6’s went to church for the whole day to have a reflection day and to have lots of full nun thought so that on the day we were all prepared. First we learnt were we where going to sit on the day and when to walk up then we did a full run thought, the bishop came and had a talk to us about what confirmation means and other things like that then we had our snack and had a little play outside. After snack we came back into the church for a little bit of a reflection time and previously our parents wrot us a note about what the are proud of and how much they love us and we had to read them some of my friends got emotional but I didn’t.

Thursday- We had specialist day which is were we don’t have any of our regular teachers or subjects we had Indonesian, Art, Sport, Celebraty Appreciate, and drama but most of my friends weren’t there because they went to a netball round robin and they came back winners and got though to the next round.

Friday- We presented our advertisement’s and it was very interesting to see everybody’s acts but with my group we had a little bit of a crisis because Ruby wasn’t there and she was doing most of the talking about the product so we kind of had to make up the rest but it actually turned out very good I was happily surprised.

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Glitter Text @ Glitterfy.com


Red makes me feel angry, stressed and agressive, it also reminds me of love hearts, rose’s and if it mixed with blue it create’s purple.

Orange makes me feel happy and bright and like I can’t wipe a smile of my face, but at the same time yuck because I hate pumpkin.

Yellow reminds me of summer and going to the beach with friend and only wearing T-shirt, shorts and thongs . It also reminds me of daisy’s,

Green makes me think of gardens, ladie bugs and caterpillers the wat they liive in peace. It sometimes makes me feel sick..

Blue makes me feel cold and frozen and like I’m living in an ice burg with a polar bear and having snowball fits with friends and family. 


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R.E Homework Task


For the R.E homework task I chose my older sister Lily the gifts and fruits of the holy spirit that she shows are…

The gifts are..
Courage: Lily shows courage by doing things that she scared of like killing all the spiders in my room and around the house.
Knowledge: Lily shows knowledge by helping me with homework because she always gives me ideas when I am stuck.
Understanding: Lily shows understanding by listen to me when I’m upset or stuck and will help me get thought it

The fruits are…
Joy: Lily shows joy all the time because she is always cracking jokes and being sarcastic around her friends and family
Modesty: Lily shows modesty because she never brags about her success with her athletics and netball even is she does very well.
Generosity: Lily shows generosity because she lets me use her laptop for homework and looks after me when I’m sick even if she’s busy.
Kindness: Lily shows kindness because she will take me shopping, and she looks after me and my younger sister when my mum is at work.

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Glitter Text @ Glitterfy.com

I love it
When you hug me it feels like a fire inside of me,
you put a roof over my head, anmd kiss me goodnight in bed,
you don’t force me into anything, you support my dreams,
you watch my gymnastics training, and cheer for at my competition and

I love it



Frozen heart

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