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Finally I’m a year six, one of the leaders of the school, but it wasnt easy to get here. I’m going to tell you how me and 17 other students got to where we are right now at school.

Last year in Term 4 we had to right a speech or create a power point and present it to the class about why we think we would be right for thus position. There were 2 Sustainablility, 2 Outreach, 2 ICT, 2 Buddy, 2 Assembly and 8 Soprts positions. You could go for as maany positions as you wanted to, but I just went for Blue sports captain!
After weeks and weeks of waitinfg to here who where the captains of the school we finallty got told on the last week of school.

Ollie & Georgia for sustainability
Emma & Josh for outreach
Calllum & Josh.N for ICT
Lexi & Milly for buddy
Ally & Finn for assembly
Me & Tamika for Blue sports
Ella & Paris for Red sports
Meg & Darcy for Gold sport
Mia & Ollie for Green sport

Well these are all of the sports captains for 2013 and I’m one of them I’m one of the Blue sports captain and I’m so excited to run sports games and others thng though out the year!!!

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