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Maths – Homework


For maths homework this week we have to create a 3 course meal for my family, and we have to put in the cost of all the ingredients from the meals and see how much change we get from $100.

Breakfast: For breakfast I choose to have Bacon & Egg muffins and tropical juice
Carton of Eggs cost $3.99
Bacon $8.88kg
English muffins $2.10
Tropical juice $5

Lunch: For lunch I choose to have rolls with chicken, cheese, lettuic, tomato and avacado.
Rolls $3 Tomato $0.28kg
Chicken $10.50 Avacado $2.84
Cheese $7.95
Lettuce $1.98

Dinner: For dinner I choose to have my favourite shepards pie.
Mice meat $3.98 lemonade $1.29
Potatoes $3.98
Tomatoe sause $2.89

The total cost of my 3 course meal is $89.38 and that means I get $10.62 change!

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