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Student Blogging Challenge


If I could meet 10 people they would all probably all gymnast. The 10 people would be Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnosn both gymnast form USA and both competed in the 2008 olympics. I would ask Nastia Liukin what was the first thought/feeling when you found out that you won the 2008 Olympic all around? I would ask Shawn Johnson how many hours a week and days a week do you train?
I would aslo wan to meet Lauren Mitchell and Emily Little they are both gymnast from Australian and both train at WAIS in Western Australia. I would ask Lauren Mitchell what your favourite event and why? I would ask Emily Little what is your diet like and do you change it before a really big competition?
I would aslo want to meet Aly Raisman and Jordyn Weiber both gymnast from USA and both went to the 2012 olympics and won gold for team USA. I would ask Jordyn Wieber after winning the 2011 World Championship did your training get harder to push you to do better? I would ask Aly Raisman has their ever been a time when you wanted to stop gymnastics and what made you keep going?
I would also want to meet Viktoria Komova and Alyia Mustafina both gymnast from Russia. I would ask Viktoria Komova do you do alot of flex and over split and leaps to become this flexable and do you do ballet to become very graceful and eligant? I would ask Aliya Mustafina did you ever think that you would have won the bars final or even go to the olympics after you tore you ASL in you knee?
I would ask Gabby Douglas and Mckayla Marone both gymnast from USA. I would as Gabby Douglas was winning the 2012 olympic all around the highlight of your gymnastics career?I would ask Mckayla Marone after falling in the vault final did you think that you would even medal?

student blogging challenge

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“Student Blogging Challenge”

  1. March 4th, 2013 at 1:36 am      Reply Miss W. Says:

    Wow, Elly you must have so many students interested in gymnastics in your class. I can see you are from your questions, your Voki and your header.

    How often do you train in gymnastics?

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