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A Weird E-mail


Dear Elly,
Hi I’m Elly your blue teddy bear and this ie Georgia Bonora your other teddy bear and we are e-mailing you for a certain reason…..

Your always squeeze us to tight when you get scared at night and it really hurts! you put ribbon on my neckand and it was way to tight, and thats why you found itnon the ground the next morning I mean seriously do you think thatanyone wants something around there neck while their sleeping. By the way this is Georgia Bonora and would it kill you to fix my schrunchie I mean italways falls on my eyes and by the next morning all I see is pink and then you go to school and I’m stuck like this for the whole day! And finally you always cuddle us at night and then push us off onto the floor in your sleep and its very cold down there and we get hurt!

Thats all for now, so we hope you will change your sleeping habits!


Love Elly & Georgia


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