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Jeannie Baker


Jeannie Baker ia an English author and illustrator for children picture books but her most famous book is Where the Forest Meets the Sea. Jeannie Baker is born in Croydon, England 2 of Novenmber 1950, she attended Art College at Brighton Polytechnic, before moving to Australia in 1975. She is well known for her use of mixed materials and creative detail in her collages. Jeannie Baker lived with her husband David Blackwell who was an architect until he died in 2012. Jeannie Baker’s books are trying to give you a message about how important the environment is, she has 12 books and they are
Polar (1975)
Grandfather (1977)
Grandmother (1978)
Millicent (1980)
One Hungry Spider (1982)
Home in the Sky (1984)
Where the Forest Meets the Sea (1988)
Window (1991)
The Story of Rosy Dock (1995)
The Hidden Forest (2000)
Belonging (2004)
Mirror (2010)

Jeannie Baker has 7 exhibitions all over Australia and they are
Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens 2004
Sydney Australian Museum 2004
Canberra Museum & Gallery 2005
Orange Regional Art Gallery 2005
Adelaide Botanic Gardens 2005
Brisbane Museum 2005
Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery 2006

I think Jeannie Baker is a great artist, she has her own unique style to her collages, they are creative and you can reconise her work.

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