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Home Work – Weekly Reflection.


This is my weekly reflection and it is baised on what I did well and what I could have done better during the week.

Monday: I thought that I did really good at maths because we are learning about subtracting and adding decimals and at first I found it really hard and now I can do it in my sleep and even my maths teacher Mr. Hindson said that I’ve improved a lot. I think that I could be better at choosing a new good fit book because it took me forever to find one and then I couldn’t stop getting distracted while I was reading.

Tuesday: I thought that I did really well in Litercay because we were learning how to write a science experiment report, and we did a actually experiment called rubber egg and I thought that I followed the instructions very well and presented my work very neatly. I thought that I could have done better at home because I always forget to put my clothes away.

Wednesday: I thought that I did well in Litercay finishing my science experiment report and following the instructions for the final steps for our rubber egg experiment and I thought I did a go job at starting my narrative plan. I thought that I could have done better in Maths because we are starting to run workshops with a partner and Ruby and I could do much because we could get the photo copyer to work and we needed to photo copy our test sheets. Well I wasn’t at school all day becuase at lunch time I felt sick I had and really bad head aic and a really sore thoat so I went home

Thursday: Well I didnt go to school because I was still sick so I just stayed home with my older sister Lily because she was sick as well she had a sore thoat and head cold.

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