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R.E Homework Task


For the R.E homework task I chose my older sister Lily the gifts and fruits of the holy spirit that she shows are…

The gifts are..
Courage: Lily shows courage by doing things that she scared of like killing all the spiders in my room and around the house.
Knowledge: Lily shows knowledge by helping me with homework because she always gives me ideas when I am stuck.
Understanding: Lily shows understanding by listen to me when I’m upset or stuck and will help me get thought it

The fruits are…
Joy: Lily shows joy all the time because she is always cracking jokes and being sarcastic around her friends and family
Modesty: Lily shows modesty because she never brags about her success with her athletics and netball even is she does very well.
Generosity: Lily shows generosity because she lets me use her laptop for homework and looks after me when I’m sick even if she’s busy.
Kindness: Lily shows kindness because she will take me shopping, and she looks after me and my younger sister when my mum is at work.

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“R.E Homework Task”

  1. June 14th, 2013 at 10:53 am      Reply isabellae Says:

    Hi Elly
    I would just like to comment on this post and say I think you are very honest.Now I don’t know Lily very well but very time that I’ve come over I believe she shows a lot of joy she seems to be a very cheerful person and she looks like she has a lot of respect for her family.

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