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Weekly Reflection – Homework Task


This is a weekly reflection on what I thought I did well and what I could have done better.

Monday- Monday was just a typical school day, in Literacy we had to get into a group of 4 and create and advertisement about a product and do a live performance at the end of the week, I was in a group with Lexi, Ruby, Kate and I and we were advertising rexona deodorant. In the afternoon all of the year 6’s went to the church to have a practice for confirmation which is on Sunday but we all had to catch a bus because it was raining and freezing.

Tuesday- On Tuesday we practiced our advertisement and we all brought in a prop, and I had to wear a big brown afro and I look so funny. We had maths and we are learning how to add and subtract 3 fraction sums and at first I was so confused but now it is so easy I think that I could do it in my sleep.

Wednesday- Today all of the year 6’s went to church for the whole day to have a reflection day and to have lots of full nun thought so that on the day we were all prepared. First we learnt were we where going to sit on the day and when to walk up then we did a full run thought, the bishop came and had a talk to us about what confirmation means and other things like that then we had our snack and had a little play outside. After snack we came back into the church for a little bit of a reflection time and previously our parents wrot us a note about what the are proud of and how much they love us and we had to read them some of my friends got emotional but I didn’t.

Thursday- We had specialist day which is were we don’t have any of our regular teachers or subjects we had Indonesian, Art, Sport, Celebraty Appreciate, and drama but most of my friends weren’t there because they went to a netball round robin and they came back winners and got though to the next round.

Friday- We presented our advertisement’s and it was very interesting to see everybody’s acts but with my group we had a little bit of a crisis because Ruby wasn’t there and she was doing most of the talking about the product so we kind of had to make up the rest but it actually turned out very good I was happily surprised.

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