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Gymnastics Ballad


Chalk in my hair,
But I just don’t care.
I’m focusing on my training,
While it’s raining.

I think about the next skill,
And block out all the pills.
Little kid stop and stare,
But I can bare.

I prepare for my dismount triple twist,
I stand on the beam, and line up my hips.
I hear my coach give corrections,
As I flip in a straight direction.

I see the ground as I prepare to land,
My feet hit the ground as i raise my hands.
My coach tells me to go to bars whlie my mum smiles at me like I’m a star.

I put on my grips,
And tape up my rips.
I start to warm up,
As Brooke yells sup!

I do my routine and here comes the release move,
As I finish my routine I start to groove.
I’ve finished training with a smile.
As my coach dismisses me for a while.

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