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Reading Reflection – Homework


This term at school I’m reading “Girl Underground” written by Morris Gleitzman, this is a good book for me because it is not to hard and not to easy, there are some words that are difficult but I can understand it very easily. To be honest I’m not a big reader I do it for homework and at school but a part from that I really don’t like to read at home or anything like that, I read a book series earlier in the year called “Gym Star” it’s about gymmnastics and because my passion is gymnastics I read that really quickly and I really loved it but if it’s a book I don’t really like it takes forever for me to read it! I would have to say “Girl Underground” is a much more mature book then what I read so it took me a while to get into the book but once it got stated I couldn’t put the book down.

It’s about a girl named Bridget and her family are ciminals her brother Gavin is in jail for shoplifting and her parents own a shop that import things from over sea’s and then they sell it, and Bridget goes to an expensive boarding school so she doesn’t end up to be a crook and she doesn’t like it to say the least because she doesn’t make friends easily because she doesn’t wantg people to find out about her family but, then she meets a boy named Menzie’s and he has a bodyguard named Dave because his dad is a Priminister, Bridget and Menzies become really good friends and Bridget finds out that Menzies has a pen pawls named Jamal and Bibi they are refugees from Afganistand and they are living in a detention center. Menzies goes to Bridgets house for a sleep over and he finds out that Bridgets parents are ciminals. Menzies gets some really bad letters from Jamal and Bibi saying how horrible it is at the detention center so Bridget and Menzies have a plan to go to Canberra where his dad works in Parlimont house and ask him to release the refugees who live in the detention centers.

Wells thats where I’m up to in the book it’s about three quarters through the book and I’m eger to read more.

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