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Weekly Reflection – Homework


Week 1
This week was absolutely crazy we had Environment Week we were doing all kinds of fun and interactive activities like in literacy we were creating a online newspaper and each 5/6 students had to make something to be added to the newspaper. Also that week we had a trash ‘n’ fashion fashion show and what you had to do was get in a group of 3 and you had to create an outfits that was made out of only recycled materials. My group made a skirt made out of sticky tape and a shock placket and a top made out of newspaper.

Week 2
This week was hectic in literacy we had to write a story graph a narrative (draft) and good copy and a reciprocal reading sheet for an assessment task and I personal think that everyone was absolutely stressing out! But I was really excited for the end of the week because on the Thursday night I was going up to Melbourne because I was invited to an elite gymnastics clinic and I was extremely excited for that and the only reason I went up the night before because it started at 7:30am other wise I would have had to get up at 5:00am.

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