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Weekly Reflection – Homework


Week 1 This week was absolutely crazy we had Environment Week we were doing all kinds of fun and interactive activities like in literacy we were creating a online newspaper and each 5/6 students had to make something to be added to the newspaper. Also that week we had a trash ‘n’ fashion fashion show […]

Environment – Word Search


Environment Survey


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Reading Reflection – Homework


This term at school I’m reading “Girl Underground” written by Morris Gleitzman, this is a good book for me because it is not to hard and not to easy, there are some words that are difficult but I can understand it very easily. To be honest I’m not a big reader I do it for […]

Gymnastics Ballad


Chalk in my hair, But I just don’t care. I’m focusing on my training, While it’s raining. I think about the next skill, And block out all the pills. Little kid stop and stare, But I can bare. I prepare for my dismount triple twist, I stand on the beam, and line up my hips. […]

Online Web Store – Maths


http://www.freewebstore.org/storepage2232585.aspx THIS IS NOT A REAL STORE DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCTS. In maths we have been learning about fractions and percentages. And Ruby and I created an online storeon onesie which we had to make 15% profit and it had to have discounted goods to draw the buyers in, we had 10 sessions to complete […]

Weekly Reflection – Homework Task


This is a weekly reflection on what I thought I did well and what I could have done better. Monday- Monday was just a typical school day, in Literacy we had to get into a group of 4 and create and advertisement about a product and do a live performance at the end of the […]


Glitter Text @ Glitterfy.com   Red makes me feel angry, stressed and agressive, it also reminds me of love hearts, rose’s and if it mixed with blue it create’s purple. Orange makes me feel happy and bright and like I can’t wipe a smile of my face, but at the same time yuck because I […]

R.E Homework Task


For the R.E homework task I chose my older sister Lily the gifts and fruits of the holy spirit that she shows are… The gifts are.. Courage: Lily shows courage by doing things that she scared of like killing all the spiders in my room and around the house. Knowledge: Lily shows knowledge by helping […]


Glitter Text @ Glitterfy.com I love it When you hug me it feels like a fire inside of me, you put a roof over my head, anmd kiss me goodnight in bed, you don’t force me into anything, you support my dreams, you watch my gymnastics training, and cheer for at my competition and I […]

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