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Blogging – Mission day charity


My group Milly, Meg, Justine and I chose the carity Camp Quality, Camp Quality was created in 1988, the founder Vera Entwistle immagrated to Australia from the USA. Vera read about a program to surrport families that have children living with cancer of any type, part of the surrport is to bring fun and laughter back into their lives. Everyday all across Australia their is always someone delivering a big dose of fun therapy on camp, their is always someone sharing hope and laughter with the children in hospital, their is always someone talking to different business owners to make a fundraising event happen.

Design Time!


This is my invitation to promote Mission Day!

Writing – 103 Word Challenge


This picture is when I went to Canberra for a gymnastics competition called National Clubs it’s out of the whole of Australia. My team stayed in Canberra for 5 days we visited the AIS gift shop. We had 2 days of competition, I came 1st on vault in Australia for level 5 and that was definitely the highlight of the trip and when we got to watch the level 10’s they were absolutely amazing the did the most amazing trick’s it was spellbinding. On the way home we sat a couple of seats behind Peggy Liddick the Australian gymnastics coach and we asked her if she could come and give us an autograph.



As I walk over to the helicopter I could feel my heart racing , I could hear the propeller spinning round and round. I sat I my seat I put my seat belt on and the head phones set, as we went up in the air, I could only see blue shimmering water and boats the size of ants. We landed on the ground I hoped out out of the helicopter I could taste and smell the coffee from the cafe near by.

BTN – Super Trawler


This BTN clip is about a big boat called the super trawler coming to Australia to catch fish, but some people think that it ‘s catching to many fish and is doing damage to the Australian waters.

I’m against this because the Super Trawler catching only 2 types of fish and they’re catching about 250 tones of fish per day, and once the fish are on board it can store up to 6200 tones before heading back to shore. The fish the Super Trawler catches is Red bait and Jack mackerel.

I wonder does the Super Trawler go any were els in the world or does it just come to Australia, and why does it only catch 2 types of fish?

Writing Workshop


In our writing work shop we had to write a paragraph on a picture using our sences like, See, Smell, Hear, Taste, and Touch.

Here is my paragraph hope you like it……….

As I walk along the beach, I feel the warm sand inbeetween my toes. I can see shells lying on the sand, I pick one up, I put it to my ear, I can hear the ocean and the waves crashing on the rocks. I smell the ocean and the salty air, as the breeze flipped my hair onto my face, I can taste the salt water in my hair.

Trialling Domo Animate


I give Domo 10/10 because you can amke an easy story and the characters are very cute and you can make them do anything!

DomoNation.com: Ivy and her cat by Ellyb

Like it? Create your own at DomoNation.com. It’s free and fun!

Blogging Challenge


Glitter Text @ Glitterfy.com

A lovely madam lived down town Torquay and decided that she would go for a 2 day holiday in Queensland, but she didn’t have a canoe, so she caught a taxi to Geelong to go buy a canoe, by the way the only reason she caught a taxi is because she is so posh. When she was in the taxi and they were on the highway she said “are we there yet” but the taxi driver replied “we’ll be there when we get there”. Well they got to the canoe shop, just when the madam was about to explode, the madam was browsing through all of the canoes when she saw a monstrosity canoe, suddenly she saw a shimmer it was a shimmering canoe and the posh madam said” I’ll take that!” and the owner said” come up here and pay for it yourself!”. The next day the madam was in Queensland and she was lying on the beach when a thought came to her, I might go in my canoe, so she got into her canoe and had a nice relaxing holiday, but out of the blue the madam was drinking hot tea and she spilt it on her.

6 Word Story


Laugh out loud, all the time.


Devils for Halloween, best friends forever,

BTN – Rhino Trade


This BTN clip is about poachers kill rhino’s just foir their hourns to make medicine, or they put the animals to sleep and just cut their horns off. They said that a rhino’s horn can be $60,0000 1kg, and that they need to cut off the rihnos horn to make traitional Asian medicine. All ready this year more than 200 have all ready died.
I think that they shouldn’t kill the animal but just put it to sleep and just cut it’s horn off because they said that if you don’t cut down to the tissue it’s okay.
I wonder why they need rhino horn for the medicine?

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