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“Hey Holly” shouted Emma “where were you yesterday, because you weren’t at netball” said Emma, “oh um I got into trouble by my mum because I haven’t finished my home work” “ go to your room”, my mum said “ but I’ll be at training tomorrow”
Ring Ring the bell went for homeroom time. ” now every body you all have to give me a geography assignment that is due in 2 days on Friday” “WHAT” yealled Holly ” looks like I might not be at training tomorrow” Holly wispered to Emma. Everybody is always so good at finishing homework on time except for Holly, Holly is just not a very orginized person like everybody else. Holly’s mum say if she doesn’t finish her homework on time she is not going to netball, now Holly always trys her best to finish homework because she loves her netball.
” Mum I’m home and guess what I have an geography assignment due on Friday” ” ok darling” ” mum I’m going to netball with Emma ok” ” wait darling what about your homework” ” um oh can I do it after” ” no Holly go to your room now and do your home work.

Schools should teach sign in all schools

I believe that schools should be taught in all schools because it is a different way to communicate with others instead of talking, one of your friends could be def and you could use sign language instead of writing it down.

Firstly I strongly think that schools should learn sign language at school because if you want to say something private to your friend or other people you can just use sign language, for example if you want to say something like do you want to come over to my house with out excluding your other friends you can just use sign language, you might just think why don’t you just write it down well someone might find the note.

Secondly if you are sick like if you have a saw throat or something else and you don’t want to talk you can just do sign language, for example I get saw throats all the time and I just don’t want to speak and my mum doesn’t know what I need or anything, and I have to write it down and it takes for ever.

Finally if schools learn sign language and they had relatives or family friend who were deaf they would be able to communicate to each other and understand what they were saying. For example say if you were at a family friends and one of them were deaf and they asked you do you want to come out side and play you would be able to understand what they were saying and you would be able to answer them back.

You must agree that all schools should teach sign language because from the BTN clip they say that most of your facial expression and that the actually cut out some words like and it is so actually it doesn’t look that hard.

My Role Model

My role model is a girl from my gymnastics named Emily Ramsay she is level 8 and 13 she is the most amazing thing to me. Okay I should probably tell you why I’m talk about a girl you don’t even know, well for home work we have to post a thing on our blog about some we think is a role model to us, so because my life revolves around gymnastics and its basically my second home so I decided to do my home work on her let me tell you why…….

• She is always there and I train with her on Thursdays
• She is always giving me hugs and encouraging me to do new skills.
• She gives me leotards that she doesn’t fit any more its so cool
• She tells me what it takes to make it like her, she gets to compete in Perth for Victoria how cool is that.
• She told me and only me about her on youtube she told me what to type in she’s so nice.
• I said to her ‘you will definitely be in the next Olympics 2016 and you will win the all around for sure’ she just laughed and hugged me.

She is definitely my role model she is just who I want to be when I’m her age she is a beautiful girl and a great friend to me when she just does anything at gymnastics I stop and watch her she is memorising. I feel happy just when I walk through the door because she says ‘ Hi Elly’ and it just puts a smile on my face easily and we always laugh when I do a skill and it doesn’t work it’s so funny. My coach said to
me ‘ Elly if you work hard and believe in your self you will be doing exactly what Emily is doing any time easily’ Emily Ramsay is the perfect role model for me no one else but me.

Book Recommendation

Hello it’s me Elly again wow it feels like I’ve known you guys my whole life anyway here’s what I’m actually going to talk to you about. For literacy we have to put a new post about our book we are reading and why I like it so much. I’m reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid the first one I have read the second one Rodrick Rule I don’t know why I started one the second one but anyway I’m planning on reading the whole series. I’m interested in these books because…..
• I’ve seen both of the movies like 1,000 times
• I like how they have a decent amount of writing on each page and then like a little carton saying something funny.
• I like the first one more than the second one because at the start of the book it says the exact same as the movie I didn’t really need to focus that hard to read the start.
• I like how I don’t really need to think about what is going to happen next because I already know, because I’ve seen the movies.
• I like these book because they keep me interested and excited.

That’s why I love these books, now I have to go and read some more!

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