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Literacy Reflection

This week in literacy we’ve been doing our rubric and trying to take it to the next level by making it just that little bit better. Each week we have a certain genre of writting and we have different workshops to help us with that type of writing, this week our genre is information reports I’m doing my information report on polar bears.

In the workshops we’ve been learning what parts of the information report there are and what type of information goes there. I also learnt that it’s good to have all of your information before you start that way you’ll know what you what to write and it will be much easier. The first paragraph of the informtion report is the Classification it’s like an introduction, the second paragraph is the description it’s all the information in paragraphs in each parapgraph you have stuff like apperence, habitat, diet and stuff like that, the last paragraph is the conlusion.

This week we had to make up an advertisment a product, in a group of 3. This was a speaking and listening assesment, I was with Bella and Maggie, my group had to advertise Banna Boat Sunscreen.

I learnt that you really ahd to project your voice, and face the audience so that people could really hear and understand you. I also learnt that you had to remember your lines and try not to giggle, laugh and look at you friends when your performing. My group we did really good at changing voices, and coming up with funny ways to performe it.
I think that we could’ve made it a bit longer and maybe had a gingle or a song, just so people could remember our advertisment, Maggie and I could try not to look at each other and smiling at each other during the advertisment.
I’m getting better with my confidences for speaking and acting infront of everyone.

In literacy we’ve all writen a narrative and one of the groups got to make a trailer about their narrative, we had to go in a group of 2 but my group we went in a 3, in my group there was me, Ruby and Ruby-Rose. We did our trailer on one of my narrative Olympics all the way and of course it was on gymnastics. We started our trailer it started of like this “This Summer” then I would start streaching for warm up and then it said ” Gemma will try out for the Australian Olympic team and thats all we’ve got so far. It was a really fun season I can’t wait to finish it and put it on my blog!

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“Literacy Reflection”

  1. August 31st, 2012 at 3:21 am      Reply lmahon Says:

    Hi Elly,
    I really like how you have added an image to your reflection 🙂 I also like how you have divided your page up to show that it is a new Literacy reflection, it made it really clear to read! Did you give feedback to other groups? I’m sure we will have more opportunities next term to improve your goals.
    Miss Mahon


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