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Maths Reflection

In maths we’ve been learning about division, so far we’ve learnt 2 new and simple ways to divid, I think that after you get the is hang of it it is really easy.

The first way is when you divid something by 4 you just half it and then half it again and there is you answer, the second way is when you divid a number by anything well lets just say the sum is 124 divid by 9 you just use your times table until you get up to 124 or as close as you can, so as far as you can go is 117 which is 9×13 your answer is 13 with the remader of 7.

Week 6 – 7

In maths we have been learning about mapping, we had to make a map of our school as an assesment, it had to include keys, lables, a gride and you could chose to have a scale.

I learnt that it was important to draw the roads first and then the the big things like the oval, hall and all of the class rooms and that you only use keys for the really small thing that you can’t really see.
I was really good at getting the right shape of all the buildings of the class rooms because they’re not just a square, I was also good at the keys because I put a skull were the out of bounds and paint he art room.
I could impove on making the buildings a bit bigger because they were just a tad to small, I could also improve on not talking to my friends so much so that I could have made it just that little bit better.

In maths we’ve been using decimals with the Olympics, we’ve looked at the world records and the Australian Mitchell Watt’s season best his competetion and their season best. We’ve learned that the World Record is 8.95 meters, and that Mitchell Watt’s season best is 8.28 meters and that he can jump 3 and a bit more cars. We did our own little experiment with Long jump we had to mesure ever meter and half way between each meter, we had to go in a group of 4 I went with Bella, Maggie and Olivia we had 3 jumps. My best was 3 meters, Bella’s was 2.85 meters, Maggies was 2.5 meters and Olivias was 2.5 meters. After we did our jumps we had to make a graph of our groups best jump.
Maths is great fun using decimals with the Olympics!

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“Maths Reflection”

  1. August 31st, 2012 at 3:25 am      Reply lmahon Says:

    Once again Elly, you have presented your reflections beautifully 🙂 I think it would be beneficial to others to show them how you have set out your Maths reflection page! It’s really clear to see your different reflections and you have used visual images!
    Well Done 🙂
    Miss Mahon

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