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Home Work – Weekly Reflection.


This is my weekly reflection and it is baised on what I did well and what I could have done better during the week.

Monday: I thought that I did really good at maths because we are learning about subtracting and adding decimals and at first I found it really hard and now I can do it in my sleep and even my maths teacher Mr. Hindson said that I’ve improved a lot. I think that I could be better at choosing a new good fit book because it took me forever to find one and then I couldn’t stop getting distracted while I was reading.

Tuesday: I thought that I did really well in Litercay because we were learning how to write a science experiment report, and we did a actually experiment called rubber egg and I thought that I followed the instructions very well and presented my work very neatly. I thought that I could have done better at home because I always forget to put my clothes away.

Wednesday: I thought that I did well in Litercay finishing my science experiment report and following the instructions for the final steps for our rubber egg experiment and I thought I did a go job at starting my narrative plan. I thought that I could have done better in Maths because we are starting to run workshops with a partner and Ruby and I could do much because we could get the photo copyer to work and we needed to photo copy our test sheets. Well I wasn’t at school all day becuase at lunch time I felt sick I had and really bad head aic and a really sore thoat so I went home

Thursday: Well I didnt go to school because I was still sick so I just stayed home with my older sister Lily because she was sick as well she had a sore thoat and head cold.

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Student Blogging Challenge 1


Hi Everybody,

For student blogging challenge this week we had to create an avatar that we wanted to represent us there were 4 different opptions of types of avartar, my friends and I we used Build Your Wild Self it is so much fun you can put elephant ears and a lions main and animal features

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Jeannie Baker


Jeannie Baker ia an English author and illustrator for children picture books but her most famous book is Where the Forest Meets the Sea. Jeannie Baker is born in Croydon, England 2 of Novenmber 1950, she attended Art College at Brighton Polytechnic, before moving to Australia in 1975. She is well known for her use of mixed materials and creative detail in her collages. Jeannie Baker lived with her husband David Blackwell who was an architect until he died in 2012. Jeannie Baker’s books are trying to give you a message about how important the environment is, she has 12 books and they are
Polar (1975)
Grandfather (1977)
Grandmother (1978)
Millicent (1980)
One Hungry Spider (1982)
Home in the Sky (1984)
Where the Forest Meets the Sea (1988)
Window (1991)
The Story of Rosy Dock (1995)
The Hidden Forest (2000)
Belonging (2004)
Mirror (2010)

Jeannie Baker has 7 exhibitions all over Australia and they are
Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens 2004
Sydney Australian Museum 2004
Canberra Museum & Gallery 2005
Orange Regional Art Gallery 2005
Adelaide Botanic Gardens 2005
Brisbane Museum 2005
Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery 2006

I think Jeannie Baker is a great artist, she has her own unique style to her collages, they are creative and you can reconise her work.

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A Weird E-mail


Dear Elly,
Hi I’m Elly your blue teddy bear and this ie Georgia Bonora your other teddy bear and we are e-mailing you for a certain reason…..

Your always squeeze us to tight when you get scared at night and it really hurts! you put ribbon on my neckand and it was way to tight, and thats why you found itnon the ground the next morning I mean seriously do you think thatanyone wants something around there neck while their sleeping. By the way this is Georgia Bonora and would it kill you to fix my schrunchie I mean italways falls on my eyes and by the next morning all I see is pink and then you go to school and I’m stuck like this for the whole day! And finally you always cuddle us at night and then push us off onto the floor in your sleep and its very cold down there and we get hurt!

Thats all for now, so we hope you will change your sleeping habits!


Love Elly & Georgia


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100 Word Challenge


It was 5:00am on a winter Fridays morning, I can feel my mum rubbing my head saying “Elly it’s time to get up for gymnastics” I moan and roll back over, I can feel the freezing air, mum goes and runs the bath. After I get dressed while mum gets dressed then goes and get my breakfast, I put my long sleeve leotard then my skins, my warm navy trackie pants and jumper, my socks slippers and final some gloves.
It’s 5:55am on the clock I put my gymnastics bag in the car and then hope in the car and off I go!

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Student Blogging Challenge


If I could meet 10 people they would all probably all gymnast. The 10 people would be Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnosn both gymnast form USA and both competed in the 2008 olympics. I would ask Nastia Liukin what was the first thought/feeling when you found out that you won the 2008 Olympic all around? I would ask Shawn Johnson how many hours a week and days a week do you train?
I would aslo wan to meet Lauren Mitchell and Emily Little they are both gymnast from Australian and both train at WAIS in Western Australia. I would ask Lauren Mitchell what your favourite event and why? I would ask Emily Little what is your diet like and do you change it before a really big competition?
I would aslo want to meet Aly Raisman and Jordyn Weiber both gymnast from USA and both went to the 2012 olympics and won gold for team USA. I would ask Jordyn Wieber after winning the 2011 World Championship did your training get harder to push you to do better? I would ask Aly Raisman has their ever been a time when you wanted to stop gymnastics and what made you keep going?
I would also want to meet Viktoria Komova and Alyia Mustafina both gymnast from Russia. I would ask Viktoria Komova do you do alot of flex and over split and leaps to become this flexable and do you do ballet to become very graceful and eligant? I would ask Aliya Mustafina did you ever think that you would have won the bars final or even go to the olympics after you tore you ASL in you knee?
I would ask Gabby Douglas and Mckayla Marone both gymnast from USA. I would as Gabby Douglas was winning the 2012 olympic all around the highlight of your gymnastics career?I would ask Mckayla Marone after falling in the vault final did you think that you would even medal?

student blogging challenge

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Maths – Homework


For maths homework this week we have to create a 3 course meal for my family, and we have to put in the cost of all the ingredients from the meals and see how much change we get from $100.

Breakfast: For breakfast I choose to have Bacon & Egg muffins and tropical juice
Carton of Eggs cost $3.99
Bacon $8.88kg
English muffins $2.10
Tropical juice $5

Lunch: For lunch I choose to have rolls with chicken, cheese, lettuic, tomato and avacado.
Rolls $3 Tomato $0.28kg
Chicken $10.50 Avacado $2.84
Cheese $7.95
Lettuce $1.98

Dinner: For dinner I choose to have my favourite shepards pie.
Mice meat $3.98 lemonade $1.29
Potatoes $3.98
Tomatoe sause $2.89

The total cost of my 3 course meal is $89.38 and that means I get $10.62 change!

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Glitter Text @ Glitterfy.com

Finally I’m a year six, one of the leaders of the school, but it wasnt easy to get here. I’m going to tell you how me and 17 other students got to where we are right now at school.

Last year in Term 4 we had to right a speech or create a power point and present it to the class about why we think we would be right for thus position. There were 2 Sustainablility, 2 Outreach, 2 ICT, 2 Buddy, 2 Assembly and 8 Soprts positions. You could go for as maany positions as you wanted to, but I just went for Blue sports captain!
After weeks and weeks of waitinfg to here who where the captains of the school we finallty got told on the last week of school.

Ollie & Georgia for sustainability
Emma & Josh for outreach
Calllum & Josh.N for ICT
Lexi & Milly for buddy
Ally & Finn for assembly
Me & Tamika for Blue sports
Ella & Paris for Red sports
Meg & Darcy for Gold sport
Mia & Ollie for Green sport

Well these are all of the sports captains for 2013 and I’m one of them I’m one of the Blue sports captain and I’m so excited to run sports games and others thng though out the year!!!

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School Surfing


On the 9th of November the 5/6 students went to Urquharts Bluff fopr did surfing. Green and Red did surfing first and Blue and Yellow nippers activities. After 2 hours we had lunch we all brang $2 for small cgips between 2 I shared with Bella we each got a can of soft drink we both had Fanta. After lunch I had to go home early beacuse I had gymnastics we did beach activities, but Green and Red had to wait about 45mins beacuse the teacher had to go get our chips so Me, Bella, Ella and Emma we played in the sand and jumped of sand juns. I give the surfing days 10 out of 10 I really LOVED surfing because we got to be with our friends all day!

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Colour Story


Day 23/365 : Three silly drops


Blue is ocean, buckets, beach ball and an umbrella.


Blue is fish, sky, water and flowers.


Blue is muffins, slushies, blueberries and ice – cream.


Blue is peaceful, sad, dull and down.


Blue is my favourite colour because it is peaceful.


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